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 A boo'ku of links for just about anything!    Los Angeles, CA
 Computer questions answered, news and reviews. Temple City, CA
CAKnet  Points to Windows Tweak sites, also free 95/98/ME computer help
Joe's Linux Links  Technical Links for Linux. Located in Princeton, NJ
JSTECH  Technical Support in Sonoma County, CA  Links to all sorts of sites.  Located in the UK
Mike Elgan  Formerly of PC Magazine; Mike brings a whole new Prospectus on what's wacky or new!
Neatstuff  All I can say is, "the name says it all!"
 Many great tips and Registry patches for all versions of Windows.  Located in the UK.
Scott Finnie's News Letter  Scott Finnie runs a top-notch News Letter, Listed us as "Site of the Week"
Synthetic Trips  Home to all kinds of stuff.  Located in San Diego, CA
 Her site has some great Batch files for ALL windows.  We are listed in the Misc. section. 
TranspoMan  New and Reviews.  Located in Seattle, WA
 Great software utilities and reviews
Western WI. Tech College  We are listed under "Misc".  Located in La Crosse, Wisconsin
Windows Support Center  Lots of great technical information
  Wise Computer   Fills the gap between a professional shop and your knowledgeable buddy
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-- Other source's --

SlySoft CloneCD  Great Clone/Backup tool for your CD's
FCC ID -- (have a no name device?  Check for it here!) -- 
 National Directory of Computer Recycling -- -- 
Technical Support Phone Numbers -- 
  Need Help?  Try FreeAnswers! --
Support Freaks -- 
Tech Support Alert -- 
 The Software Patch -- 
Ask-A-Tech   (They support serveral companies) -- 
Ask Dr Tech --
The Tech Board -- 
Intellitech -- 
PC Pitstop  (does your PC need a Tuneup?) -- 
IE only! 
Expercity -- 
ExtremeTech -- 
Troubleshooting and Resource Guide for Windows 95/98/ME -- 
 Windows-HQ -- 
MalekTips  (Need help, just ask!) -- 
AC&NC  Raid Technology -- 
Bob Cerelli's Windows Page -- 
Tom's Hardware Guide -- -- 
 PC-Medics -- 
Suggest a Fix -- 
Computerguys -- -- 
Computer problems -- 
Windows Shutdown Troubleshooter -- 
World O'Windows -- 
The Trouble with Windows -- 
 HWiNFO  (hardware info program) --
C|net Help -- 
Bud's Windows Troubleshooter -- 
It's Not Working! -- 
Windows OS Central -- 
 Dr. Bit --
WinFix -- 
Windows Help -- 
The Ultimate Win95 Spool32  FAQ -- 
 simply the best  (links to all kinds of junk) -- -- 
TechRescue Drives Datasheet -- 
PC Mechanic -- 
PC Guide -- 
PC-Help Online --
PC Helpers -- 
PC Drivers HQ -- 
PcDrivers -- 
Perfect Drivers -- 
Note: Requires IE to display page! 
Driver Graveyard -- 
 Mister Driver -- 
WinDrivers -- 
Totally Drivers -- 
 Outer Technologies --  (device drivers) -- 
DriverZone -- 
CPU's and Socket Styles -- 
CPU Central -- 
Virtual Dr. -- 
File System structure  -- 
Speed -- 
HMonitor (Hardware Sensor Montor) -- 
Bus Hound  (Snoop on your hardware) -- 
Motherboard HomeWorld -- 
Motherboard Manuals, Data & Tools -- 
Motherboard Monitor -- 
MBProbe -- 
INTEL Motherboard Manuals -- 
INTEL BIOS Updates -- 
ROXIO  (home of "Easy CD Creator" from Adaptec) -- 
ROXIO  CD-R Glossary -- 
ROXIO  Support Center -- 
ROXIO  Disk Reading Troubleshooter -- 
 CD-Rom Drivers -- 
Karl's Driver Site -- 
Cisco 2600 Router Password Reset! -- 
CDCheck -- 
 Bart's way to create bootable CD-Roms -- 
The Upgrade Center -- 
Hardware Upgrade -- 
Trish's Escape from Hardware Hell -- 
Intel Processor's ID Tools -- 
MAXTOR product Support -- 
Hatachi & IBM  Hard Drive's -- 
HardDrives, Optical, Floppy & Manufacturers -- 
 PC Flank -- 
BugNet --
BigFix -- 
3DFiles (newest Video Drivers) -- "bug site"  -- 
 TechMasters NetHelper -- 
  Benchmark Programs & Software -- 
Tweak Central -- 
 VoodooFiles  (Drivers & more) -- 
Systems Internals -- 
Tweaking Toolbox -- 
 Windows 2000 Magazine Network -- 
Windows 2000 Magazine -- 
Performance Tweaks & Tips -- 
 Need DOS and WIN Me to work together?  Look here! -- 
JSI Inc (NT/2000 Resource) --
Easy Desk Software (95/98/NT Resource) -- 
NT Toolbox -- 
NT Winternals -- 
Registry Secrets -- 
Windows Guide Network  (formerly RegEdit) -- 
Benchtest -- 
 Whatis? -- 
Network Design & Research Center -- 
  PC Power & Cooling -- 
Fanless Computer Cooling System -- 
 Pocket Flashlight -- 
BIOS Upgrades  (Micro Firmware) -- 
 BIOS Upgrades  (eSupport) -- 
BIOS Setup Information Guide -- 
BIOS Agent -- 
BIOS Central -- 
 BIOS Central - Debugging -- 
Bad Flash  (Trash your BIOS lately?)  -- 
 POST Beeps Codes -- 
SimplyTheBest BIOS -- 
BIOSWorld -- 
Wim's BIOS Page -- 
Mr. BIOS -- 
AMI Bios -- 
Award / Phoenix Bios -- 
TechEncyclopedia -- 
Webopedia  (Internet Dictionary) -- 
WebReference -- 
 High-Tech Dictionary -- 
Acronym Finder -- 
FILExt (file Extention's) -- 
RightTime -- 
KarbosGuide (PC Hardware) -- 
Tweak 3D -- 
Tweak Files --
Environmental Computer Recycling Company -- 
Online Conversion -- 
InkDoctor  (Toner, Ink page) -- 
PC Magazine Archives  (software) -- 
Windows 98 Lite!  (software) -- 
TheFreeSite  (software) --  (software) -- 

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