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(Even with Billion's of pages, were still in 1st place!)

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08/14/2009 - Site will no longer be updated. Your on your own!

06/26/2009 - New email address: techurls[at]gmail.com.
Make change in your address book.

06/20/2009 - New email address. Make change in your address book.

06/07/2009 - Shifted around items, and added some new ones

06/06/2009 - I added my mug-shot to my BIO page.

02/05/08 - The ABOUT page has been updated for the Date moved to June, for DTV.

12/24/08 - Since we don't get snow here, I thought I'd through some in.

12/12/08 - Had major work to do on ABOUT page.

11/07/2008 - Two pages have been added: Grab Flash files,
and a warning from the Bible too "gay's".  Scum!

09/24/2008 - I have added 121 NEW colors to the color chart.

09/06/2008 - Today I turn over to you the NEW look of
this site.  It's simple smaller and cleaner.  Other pages will follow.

09/02/2008 - The main page is getting an overhaul
and will be read soon.  Also, maneuvering will be simpler.

07/23/08 - Thanks to those *Wacko's* at KXAM 1310am
in Phoenix, AZ,  I updated my Linux page.

07/04/08 - I have removed Winzip from being downloaded,
and added WinRAR.  It can handle either compressed file with WinRAR.

06/24/08 - Color Chart (under Handy Tools) now has 34 New Colors,
  and 3 corrections.  Also Orchid was missing from the original list.
01/18/08 - My ABOUT page has a countdown clock and instead of counting
down to the new year, I have it counting down to when you will NEED a Digital TV.

08/28/07 - The "about" page has a new and better looking .BMP for your background.
It is labeled TTS2.ZIP.

06/10/07 - Savant and my BIO are updated. 
We've moved !!
Also, weather changed from Watsonville, CA to Fairfield, CA.

05/14/07 - Found a common error on all of my pages! Oops, Is my face RED!?!
Added my logo to all pages.

05/04/07 - At the bottom of the handy tools page, I modified
The Google Search so that NO porno can be searched.

02/02/07 - On the Handy Tools page and Download Center, go to file page;
I found a mistake that no one else had.  The I Hate IE
was pointing to HKEY_LOCAL_USER;  it should have been

09/07/2006 - Had a bad link to CPU-Z (Handy Tools pg)...Fixed !!
Updated Contrib page, NO MORE POP-UPs (again)

01/12/03 - Under "Handy Tools", my link to "Stuff that drvies you nuts!"
has a Major change.  I NO LOONGER support Ad- aware!!!  Read why!

01/09/03 - At the top of "Microshaft" page, for the link to
"Knowledgebase"  I have added a lot of "info", if you will,
on information to repair "Outlook", the sorriest email
reader that has ever been made!!  :(

12/26/02 - PopUp Killer changed to PopUp Stopper.

12/24/02 - You will notice that some of the links on the "MS" page
have a "YELLOW" Cell; this means NON MS support site!
Also, since we don't get snow here on the coast,
thought I'd add a little to the main page.

12/11/02 - Microsoft page now has a small Icon for MS links,
and a larger Icon for other sites that have support for MS stuff.

12/08/02 - Finally have all, (for the time being), links fixed on the "KnowledgeBase"
page, (at the top), of "Microsoft" page.

12/07/02 - Microshaft is once again "messing" with everyone's head!
Under "Microsoft" - "KnowledgeBase", (at the top), I fixed the numbers
that had a link for "Removing Office2000 CD1 & CD2" from your system

12/05/02- Welcome my new Affiliate 'BTVillarin' on the "TSS" page!
Bryan has answers to many PC questions; as well as product info.

12/01/02 - New photo from Hawaii trip added

11/30/02 - ** Reverse the order of this page, with new info at the top! **
In the "Handy Tools" section, you will find a NEW
link to a chart: DEC to HEX to  ASCII to CTRL KEY.
Also, RS232 Pinout & Direction.
NEW "TSS" page, CPU Socket info and File System Structure.
Modified the "DEBUG" page off of "Handy Tools"

11/29/02 - Under "Microsoft" - "KnowledgeBase", (at the top), I
have removed ALL of the "Q's" to comply with their new standard.

11/17/02 - Some of Tripods code ended up in my "Linux" page,
causing PopUps' -- FIXED!!

11/14/02 - Off of the "Microsoft" page, at the top, I have added a
huge collection of link's to my "Knowledge Base" page

11/02/02 - My "Stuff that drives you Nuts!" page, has finally been
grouped-up for your convience.  Took me a long time to get to this!

10/18/2002 - Big News!

 We have upgraded!   NO MORE POPUP's !! 

10/16/02 - Updated the main image on the main page from our Cruise to Hawaii 2002

08/30/02 - More link repairs to the stink'n "Microsoft" page! eghh!!
More useful links on my "Knowledgebase" page. (very handy "Q's")

08/22/02 - Remove the code for music on the main page.
Updated links at the "Novell" page

08/02/02 - More neat links on the "Linux" page.  Checkout 'Tek-Tips' at the top
of page "TSS".  Very usefull for IT types!  At the top of my "Microsoft" page,
click on my "Knowldgebase" link, and at the bottom you will see some new
info on how to repair Outlook!  The #1 pain in email!!  err

06/07/02 - New opening *gripe* screen. Tired of people stealing my links, for
email that is sent to magzines or e-zines! :(

05/29/02 - My contact Email addr. has been changed...please take note!

05/11/02 - 'NEW' A+ Certification Test...find on page "TSS".

04/12/02 - Added 3 new .REG patch's to the File Page under "Handy Tools".

03/14/02 - More links added to the "Linux" page and the "PDA" page.

03/11/02 - See "Savant" page - We now have the capacity to Clone/Upgrade Laptop Hard Drives!
We also have the tools to Upgrade the Hard Drive of TiVo's. :)
The "Microsoft" page has some NEW links to Windows XP stuff.

03/04/02 - Biggest news is the amount of info. I have added to the "Linux" page.  Also, a number
of fixes/additions to the "microsoft" page.  Plus, some good info. can be found at the "Novell"
page that now includes links to a page that will show you the 1st 6-digits to a NIC card,
and who the manufacture is.  I discovered this when a Server kept "blasting" a NIC number
that I did not know what device it was telling me had a problem. "VERY HANDY"!!
I am now a Beta tester for Lindows, so I will keep you posted on what is going on their.

01/02/02 - Many broken/updated links to the "DOS" page fixed.  I found a great site that has updates
"by the minute!" Go to "HTools" - "DOWNLOAD Center" page and click on "VersionTracker".
You will also find this same link for  PDA's at the "PDA's" page.

12/24/01 - On the "About" page, I have added a download so you can have a .BMP for your PC of my site.

12/17/01 - Many new links, expecially at the "Linux" page.
We are also please to say that with 2.07+ Billion pages at Google.com, we are still on top.

11/25/01  [late] - The main page will now fit inside of your screen, and
the text-rollover now blends-in with the screen.

11/25/01 [early] - You can now Click on the Picure located on the main page,
and it will give you information about the picture!

11/24/01 - Many new links, especially in the "Linux" page, "Nerdnews" and "HTools".
Also, I have started to Hi-lighting some of the links so they will standout.
As usuall, Microsoft is playing the "link" game, so I have to continually check these. :(
Starting with this update, I will change the main-page picture from time-to-time, and show you the
beautiful cost we live on.  Soon, these pictures will be available on CD for you to purchase!

11/18/01 - Many new links in the "Linux" and "NerdNews" sections.
This may seem "DUMB", but I was asked to add a "New Year" counter.  DONE!!  It's in the "About" page.

10/14/01 - Welcome "UtilityGeek" Web site in "Handy Tools"
See "infoAnarchy" in my "Nerd News" page!  Got'ta see this!!

10/08/01 - Good news! The main-page graphics have been shrunk- down in size. Faster Loads!!
* Also, a new look for the Fall! *

10/06/01 - New links on "Novell" page, especially the NDS HOWTO fixes!

10/02/01 - MORE .REG files and Key additions for the Registry.

08/27/01 - Change the URL to the Netscape link at the bottom of the main page.
Now it points to ALL versions, rather then v6.1 ONLY!
The Linux page now has a link to PERL.COM

08/18/01 - New and Updated links in the Microsoft Section.
New links on "Nerd-News" Page; and DON'T forget to checkout "Project to Promote Competition"!
(watch out, Microsoft)
On the Linux page, check out *linuxnewbie*...wanna learn Linux?

08/02/01 - One of my users complained about the music, so I set the default to OFF.

07/18/01 - OK, OK...for you "wy'nee" I.E. people, I ADDED code so everthing will be in-line now!
[ Many thanks to  Dave at: MyComputerFixer.com  for his input on this! ]

We have a whole new look!
as of: 07/14/2001

07/12/01 - Added a new page at "Handy Tools" that will display a very complete "Color Chart"!

07/11/02 - This site was giving inaccurate weather readings for our area, so we are pointing to another town!

** 05/01/01 - Link's have been checked, and modified or deleted **

04/29/01 - Welcome!  A number of the Newsletter writers!  These can be found under "NerdNews - Techy Reads"
Also checkout Karen Kenworthy's site of utilities under "Handy Tools"
(Her site is now at the top of the page; well almost!)

04/17/01 - See what has been added to my "Microsoft Knowledge Base" page
NEW: "Desktop Shortcuts" at "Download Center" off of  "Handy Tools" page!

02/16/01 - On Feb 16, 2001 "NBCi" named us as a "Top Site", Thanks, NBC!

02/17/00 - Got a problem?  Look at "Stuff that drives you Nuts!" in "Handy Tools" Section

02/07/00 - NEW: wherever you see a link in "BLUE", it is one of my own concepts...

More site's on the way...

(I have been asked how the graphics are created. We use Photoshop CS, plus Bryce.)

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