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Ted  got started with the computer industry in 1976, where he had a choice of the apple ][ or the Heathkit H8; he choose the later since he wanted a REAL Computer to work with, NOT a game machine!  Ted has written for (former Magazine's) Electronics Now, Popular Electronics and Databased Advisor in the 80's, and his Web Site has been featured in  "USA Today" Internet Newspaper by Tamara Holmes, "Windows Magazine", Fred Langa's [Langalist] HotSpot and "NBCi" as "Top Site".  Ted had worked as a Test Engineer for Racal-Vadic in the late 80's when there were those *GREAT* HI-SPEED 2400bps Modems!  Man, those were the days!!  Ted also designed a number of computer peripherals for voice recognition, before this really caught on in the 90's.  Ted started the 1st Computer Club in (La Mesa)  San Diego, CA in 1978, and then later started a Computer Club in Dallas, TX in 1981.  We believe that the La Mesa Heathkit store was the first in the country to have a computer club!

In 1984 he discovered his passion for Computer Networks (Novell), where he has worked systems as large as 650+ users and 32 Servers across the country with  full control from his easy chair at home!  Although he still works with Novell Servers, his main attention is now focused on the LINUX Operating System!  He also has background with Windows NT Servers, and Windows  XP systems.  Ted  still does consulting for local business' in his area.  Ted is also  A+ Certified;  he knows more about computer hardware then most people will in their life time!  Ted currently works as an "Enterprise Network Manager" for a large firm that has branch's across the US.  Last, but not least, he also is a Web Page Designer.

Teds hobby's include: Travel, spending time in State Parks, 4-Star Restaurants, Golf, Cruising the Coasts of the US, and an interest of Alaskan Sled Races in Alaska in March, late Summers in British Columbia, Canada and the Falls in the New England area. He also loves to cook; especially French Cuisine.  He also spends time on his Yamaha keyboard and studio equipment.

                                                                                       Does this guy ever rest?   Well, from what I've seen, NO!!!    -- a friend

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