Novell Start up Switch's for SERVER.EXE

The Switch  Description
 -NS NO STARTUP.NCF: This keeps the Server from loading anything! Not recommeded for 5.x ! 
                            This switch seems USELESS on 5.x servers!  If anyone has an .NCF
                            file that will get around this and load what is needed, please send it to
                            me, and I will give you credit for the file!! :)
Novell - 3.x/4.x/5.x
 -NA NO AUTOEXEC.NCF: This keeps AUTOEXEC.NCF from executing. But the Volume will Mount ! 
Novell - 3.x/4.x/5.x
 -NL NO LOGO: This will keep the Netware GUI LOGO screen from showing up at startup.
Novell - 5.x
 -NDB NO DATABASE: If you run into a problem that your Server *STOPS* loading at stage 4,
                         it means that your NDS Database is *CORRUPT*!  Use this switch to get
                         past the NO-LOAD problem, then go into DSREPAIR and re-create the NDS. 
                         It cost me $200 bucks to findout about this switch from Novell !!  :(
Novell - 5.x

NOTE: These switch's may be stacked on the same line!
( i.e  server -nl -ndb )
Also, they ARE-NOT case sensitive!

==  More will be added as I found out about them!  ==

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