People that have Contributed to this site

Name  Occupation 
 Art Aguilar   Former work mate and Unix/Linux guy 
 Brandy Mieske   All the graphics for this site 
 Casey Vanderville   Good friend & my Linux Guru 
Web Site:   Kinda' Up/Down!
 David Rodriguez, thanks for the help! 
 Derric Goodwin   Friend, and heck of an Network guy! 
 Deb Thompson   Web Page Designer, and Rons wife 
 Denise Foley   Day-N-Night Computers 
 Franck Delattre   CPU-Z -tool site 
 Fred Langa   Former contributing Author for Windows Magazine 
 Joel Hicks   Tech Support at Interwise 
 Kevin Gonzales   Former work wate & co-worker at Sage 
 Lowell Christie   Novell CNA - NT Instructor 
 Mike Elgen   Author of "Mike's List" and former  author for Windows Magazine 
 Rahner James   Friend & Hardware/Software God! 
 Ron Thompson   Friend and former Work Mate 
 Roy Galan   Thanks to Roy for finding a major problem with my "Download" page 
 Scot Finnie  Author of "Scot's Newsletter" and former author for PC Magazine 
 Stephen Green   Told me that I.E. 5.01 displays this site just fine! 
 Tamara Holmes   Contributing Author for USA Today 
 Vic Perez   Training instructor at Infotec 


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