* NDPS causes  Server Crash! *

            Loading Broker will hang, and then ABEND the Server.  Here is how to fix the problem:

    1.    Block Broker from loading in AUTOEXEC.NCF

    2.    Remove the 2 Directories  SYS:\NDPS\RESDIR  [ restart Server ]

    3.    Load CDROM, (if not already loaded)

    4.    Re-install NDPS from the Netware 5.x CD   Before restarting Server, BLOCK the "LOAD BROKER" line   [ restart Server ]

    5.    Re-install latests Service Pack  [ restart Server ]

    6.    Re-install WSOCK4F  [ restart Server ]    <-- NOTE: sometimes just adding this PATCH will fix the problem!

    7.    BOKER will now start correctly!

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