The "Windows" Key command list & Others

The Entry  Description
 WIN  Pressing the WIN (Windows) key by itself will open the Start Menu 
 WIN+E  Opens the Explorer Windows
 WIN+F  Opens the Find File/Folder Window
 WIN+R  Opens the Run Window
 WIN+F1  Opens the Windows Help System
 WIN+BREAK  Opens the System Properties Window
 WIN+M  Minimizes ALL Windows
 WIN+SHFT+M   Reopens ALL Minimized Windows
 WIN+CTRL+F  Opens the Find Computer Window
 WIN+TAB  Cycle Through Taskbar Buttons
 WIN+number  Reserved for manufacturer's use

Keyboard Combos  Description
 ALT-PRT SCN  Screen Capture - Current Screen 
 CTRL-PRT SCN  Screen Capture - Entire Display
 ALT-TAB  Scroll through Open windows
 ALT-Space  Opens Control Menu (i.e. fix a window that is off the screen) 
 ALT-F4  Close currently Open window
 ALT-F10  Current Window's Menu Bar
 ALT-Enter  In Explorer, this will open the Properties Window
 CTRL-ESC  Open Start Menu
 CTRL-A  Select everything in the current Document
 CTRL-B  Toggle BOLD mode
 CTRL-C  Copy Highlighted Text
 CTRL-F  Launch Find Tool
 CTRL-I  Toggle Italics mode
 CTRL-O  Open a new Document
 CTRL-S  Saves your current work to Disk
 CTRL-U  Toggle Underline mode
 CTRL-V  Paste Hightlighted Text
 CTRL-X  Deletes everything that is Highlighted
 CTRL-Y   Redo Last Command
 CTRL-Z  Undo Last Command

Hold Downs  Description
 SHIFT  This will turn-OFF AUTOPLAY when inserting a CD 
 SHIFT-DEL  This will Bypass the Recycle Bin
 SHIFT-F10  Equivalent to a Right-Click
 SHIFT-DBL CLICK   Opens a Folder in Windows Explorer

== Watch for a new section with LOTS of Key commands! ==

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