What's inside of MSDOS.SYS?

Command                                 Default 

[paths] Section
 HostWinBootDrv  C:   Define the Boot Drive
 WinBootDir  C:\WINDOWS   Stores the location of the Windows startup files
 UninstallDir  C:   Stores the location of the W9xundo.dat and W9xundo.ini files that are
 required to uninstall a Windows 9x upgrade
 WinDir  C:\WINDOWS   Defines the location of the Windows directory specified during setup

[options] Section
 Defines wheather or not ScanDisk is run after a "bad" Shutdown.  Only
 OEM Service Release 2 and Windows 98 use this setting
 Sets the amount of time the user has to press the [F8] key after Windows
 9x displays the Starting Windows 9x message.  When this section's BootKeys
 option is set to 0, it overrides the BootDelay option
 When active, forces the computer to Boot in Safe Mode
 Tells Windows 9x to load the GUI (Graphical User Interface)
 When deactivated, tells Windows 9x to skip the BootDelay command, thereby
 preventing Windows 9x from processing the [F5], [F6] and [F8] keys during
 the Boot sequence.  This setup allows administrators to make the system more
 When active, tells Windows 9x to automatically load the Boot Menu without
 requiring the user to press [F8]
 3 or 4 
 Defines the default option on the Boot Menu.  The default is 3 for a non-net
 worked computer and 4 for a networked computer
 Sets the number of seconds to display the Boot Menu before contiuing with the
 Disables Dual-Boot compatibilities.  When this setting is active, you can start DOS
 by pressing [F4] at the Starting Windows 9x message or by using the Boot Menu
 Enables the Safe Mode startup warning
 Makes Windows 9x your default operating system.  A value of 0 makes your
 previous version of DOS the default, assuming it's still on your system!
 Allows automatic loading of DBLSPACE.BIN
 Disables Double-Buffering.  You should leave this option set to 0 unless you have
 a SCSI Controller that requires this feature
 Enables automatic loading of DRVSPACE.BIN
 Tells Windows 9x to load COMMAND.COM and DRVSPACE.BIN above the first
 640K of memory.  You can set LoadTop to 0 if you're having a compatibility problem
 with DOS-based programs
 Enables the Graphical Windows 9x LOGO display during the Boot process
 Enables the Safe Mode with the Network Support Boot Menu option.  If your
 computer isn't on a Network, this option should be set to 0

It should be noted that the rest of the file is commented out, but MUST remain in place.
For compatibility, this file MUST remain >1024 in bytes.

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